ITW Pro Brands
Displaces moisture,Loosens rusted or frozen parts,Nonconductive,Provides a nondrying, light, oily film for use on indoor/outdoor equipment,Provides up to one year protection,Reduces wear caused by friction and corrosion,Safe on rubber, paint and most plas
Metal-free formulation provides high levels of purity and excellent lubricating properties,For Class 1, 2, and 3 power plant hardware
ITW Pro Brands
Quick penetration,No residue,Low odor,Does not contain CFCs, HCFCs or 1,1,1 trichloroethane,Safe on metal and most plastics,No rinsing,Inverted spray valve
High film strength, exceptional resistance to water, steam and other adverse conditions,Available in 4 NLGI densities for a variety of applications
Up to 50,000 hours LED life,Only weighs 2 lb,Delivers 90% savings in power consumption vs. traditional black lights
ITW Pro Brands
Fast evaporation,No rinsing and no residue,Low odor,Inverted spray valve,Uses include delicate electrical/electronic parts, and painted surfaces